We strongly encourage submissions via ExpressO.



Our aim is to publish innovative, original scholarship spanning Asia. The Journal’s practice area coverage is very broad and includes interdisciplinary writing. To showcase stellar research from practitioners and academics for whom English is not a first language, we seek quality of content, not merely style, and work closely with authors to refine the article for publication. All submissions, however, must be in English.


Submissions must include: (1) The article, (2) an abstract of roughly 200 words, and (3) a current CV.

Note: Citations must be in U.S. Bluebook format. There is no formal maximum or minimum number of pages.  Past articles have varied from 20 to 150 pages.

Method of Submission

There are 2 methods to submit an article – ExpressO and email. Submissions through ExpressO are strongly encouraged, however it does require payment. To preserve the academic integrity of our Journal, we also allow e-mail submissions at no cost. Submissions through e-mail must include all required components for consideration: (1) The article, (2) an abstract of roughly 200 words, and (3) a current CV. Emails should be sent to


There are two cycles for publication, the Fall and the Spring. Fall submissions will be accepted from February 1 through August 31 and will be reviewed in September. Spring submissions will be accepted from September 1 through January 31 and will be reviewed in February. No articles will be reviewed before those periods due to the nature of our submissions and editorial period. Submissions for the Spring 2016 Issue are now closed. The submissions period for the Fall 2016 Issue will open over the summer and close August 31st, 2016.

Because we make decisions on articles on a rolling basis, sometimes well in advance of the deadline for an upcoming issue, we encourage submission of polished, completed pieces at the author’s earliest convenience. We issue final decisions no later than one month after the due date. Note that the article must be finished prior to submission—abstracts and incomplete articles will not be considered. Preliminary determinations of works-in-progress may be available at the Journal’s discretion in the months preceding the final deadline.

Expedited Review

If you have received an offer from another journal for your article, and would like to request an expedited review, please email with the subject heading “Expedited Review.” In the body of the email, please include:

  • the name of the journal that has extended an offer;
  • the date the offer expires; and
  • the email address of a contact person at the journal.

An offer of publication following an expedited review automatically expires three business days from the time of notification of the offer.